SM Sygnus Deneb Radio

SM Sygnus Deneb Radio

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SM Sygnus Deneb 2.4/5GHz 2×2 MIMO OFDM PTP/PTMP Radio

Part Number: SMS-350DB2X2-25EXT
Manufacturer: Star Microwave
Category: Microwave Radios

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Product Description:

SM Sygnus Deneb OFDM MIMO Outdoor Radio 2.4/4.9/5 GHz

Product Highlights:

Flexible wireless backbone deployment options
With fast data switching and integrated multi-radio interfaces, the high output power MIMO-OFDM technology is also a key factor to support Star Microwave Multi-hop repeater series to be the most flexible wireless backbone deployment option.

Integrated Multi-radios interfaces on Star Microwave Series platform.
Sygnus Deneb MIMO-2x2 (1*radio) / Sygnus Deneb MIMO-4x4 (2*radios) / Sygnus Deneb MIMO-6x6 (3*radios) / Sygnus.

Product Features:

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO OFDM Radio
  • Integrated Multi-Radio Interfaces
  • Fast Data Switching Technology
  • Real Aggregate TCP Throughput ≧ 320Mbps @ 4x4 & 6x6 Base Station
  • High Efficiency in Multi-hops Repeating
  • Low Throughput dropped (≧100 Mbps @ 10 hops)
  • Short Latency increased (≦15 ms @ 10 hops)
  • Operate in 2.4GHz /4.9GHz/ 5GHz ISM Band
  • IP-68 Water & Dust Resistant
  • IEC61000-4-5 Surge Protection
  • Outstanding MTBF
  • Real Aggregate TCP Throughput